ARTAS System Receives FDA Clearance for Ground-Breaking Technology Treating Hair Loss | Business Wire – Image Guided

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Restoration Robotics, Inc. a privately-held medical device company,

today announced that its revolutionary technology, the ARTAS™ System,

has received 510K clearance from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

for harvesting hair follicles from the scalp in men diagnosed with

androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) with black or brown

straight hair. The ARTAS™ System was developed in close collaboration

with several leading hair restoration physicians to enhance the quality

of follicular unit harvesting for the benefit of physicians and their


“We are thrilled to receive FDA clearance, and look forward to rolling

out the ARTAS™ System to leading hair restoration physicians,” said Jim

McCollum, Chief Executive Officer, Restoration Robotics. “Hair loss is a

very real issue for millions of men in the United States. We’re pleased

to offer a powerful new technology for patients who are interested in a

safe new way to enhance their quality of life.”

ARTAS™ is a physician-controlled, state-of-the-art, interactive,

computer-assisted system that enables harvesting of hair follicles

during hair restoration procedures. It combines several features

including an image-guided robotic arm, special imaging technologies,

small dermal punches, and a computer interface. The ARTAS™ System is

capable of identifying and harvesting individual follicular units to

implement the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique.

The Benefits

“Many patients are seeking less invasive alternatives to the current

hair restoration techniques,” said Miguel Canales, MD, Medical Director,

Restoration Robotics. “There is growing interest in FUE because of its

many patient benefits, such as less discomfort and a quicker return to

normal activities. The ARTAS™ System solves many of the technical

challenges experienced by physicians currently attempting the FUE

procedure which gives physicians and patients an exciting new choice.”

Hair restoration is performed as an office-based procedure. Implanted

hairs develop their own blood supply, begin to grow and new hairs are

seen a few months after the procedure. New hair continues to grow over

the course of a full year, making the change in the patient’s appearance

gradually noticeable to others.

“I believe the ARTAS™ system will make hair restoration more attractive

to a broader group of patients,” said James Harris, MD, of the Hair

Sciences Center in Denver, CO. “In my practice, I have seen a

significant increase in patients asking for FUE because of its minimally

invasive approach. They really liked the rapid healing and lack of a

linear scar, which makes this procedure different from the strip method.”

Hair Loss By The Numbers

According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

(ISHRS)1, at least 35 million men in the United States are

affected by male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. By age 50,

approximately 50% of men will experience some degree of appreciable hair

loss. Approximately one in four men suffer from male pattern baldness

(MPB), which has psychological, professional and social consequences for

these patients, such as:

  • 68% of men feel helpless about their hair loss

  • 73% of balding men feel they are less attractive than they were when

    they had hair2

  • 77% of balding men would feel very or somewhat concerned if they were

    in their 20s, just starting their career and experiencing hair loss3

While prescription remedies, such as Propecia® and Rogaine®, offer some

benefits to existing hair, hair restoration moves healthy, functioning

follicles to the areas of the patient’s scalp most impacted by baldness

for more dramatic results. Hair restoration is a popular cosmetic

procedure, with an estimated number of procedures exceeding 100,000 in

the U.S. in 2009. Hair restoration is the only permanent solution for

hair loss and can result in a natural, undetectable outcome.

About Restoration Robotics

Restoration Robotics, Inc., a privately held medical device company, is

dedicated to revolutionizing the field of hair transplantation by

developing and commercializing its state-of-the-art image-guided ARTAS™

System. This interactive, computer assisted system uses image-guided

robotics to enhance the quality of hair follicle harvesting for the

benefit of physicians and their patients. To learn more about

Restoration Robotics and its unique technology, visit

To learn more about hair loss and restoration, please visit the

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) at

1 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS)


Accessed April 11, 2011.
2 Journal of the American

Academy of Dermatology
3 ISHRS 2006 Consumer Hair

Loss Survey

MyStyleBook Adds Martin Parsons’ Up Do Hairstyles. – 21st Century

CORSICANA, Texas — MyStyleBook adds Martin Parsons with his “Hairdressing Techniques for the 21st Century” as the leading expert in up do hairstyles. Whether for weddings, proms or special occasions of any kind, Martin Parsons consistently presents a modern interpretation in pendants, twists, tendrils, curls, spirals and wraps that complement a woman’s natural beauty. Now these up do styles are part of MyStyleBook – the world’s first online Personal Imaging Community.

Casey Glass begins, “Martin Parsons at MyStyleBook is exciting. His philosophy is that ‘fashion evokes change and that experience changes everything.’ This means that as you bring your life and excitement to the MyStyleBook personal imaging community, Martin, with his talent and experience, both inspires you and provides professional techniques for creative long, short, up do and curly hairstyles

Martin Parsons said, “MyStyleBook is a fascinating community where you go from idea to image to reality. It is exciting to present our ‘Hairdressing Techniques for the 21st Century’ through MyStyleBook.” Not only will MyStyleBook include Martin’s newest hair inspirations, but access to his treasure of styling techniques and tips through his available seminars, books and DVD’s. offers professional hairstyle and make-up imaging plus leading edge content from beauty professionals – hairstylists, estheticians, photographers, models and health & beauty experts. Personal MyStylePages are available for sharing with others.

Join the MyStyleBook online community at:

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ABOUT MyStyleBook – MyStyleBook is an online personal imaging community helping women create their own hair & beauty plan. Professional help and imaging software create a rich user experience. Personal MyStylePages are available for sharing stories and photos. MyStyleBook is the brain child of Erin and Casey Glass, two sisters that have grown up in the hair & beauty industry. Erin is an actress in New York and Casey is a college student at TCU in Fort Worth, Texas.

ABOUT Martin Parsons – Martin is an artist, educator, author and creative interpreter of today’s hair fashions. Martin has been recognized as one of our industry’s leaders in showmanship and education, listed among the elite in Modern Salon’s Top Educators for the past century. His “Hairdressing Techniques for the 21st Century” seminars advance the skills of professional stylists utilizing Martin Parson’s techniques for cutting, finishing, and long hair. The Annual Hot List for Prom 2008 | Business Wire – Hair Rocker

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Empowered, opinionated, and vocal, teens definitely want their voices to

be heard and to make an impact on the world, whether it be related to

social action, fashion, or music. So what’s

the scoop for their proms this year?, the leading one-stop

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Here’s what’s hot

and what’s not for prom 2008:


Inspired by Leo DiCaprio, Live Earth, Al Gore, and the growing green

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are opting for eco-friendly proms this year. With their pre-prom

parties, prom d

How to Improve Thin Patchy Beard – Hair Grow

Many men suffer from the problem of thin or patchy beard. Sometimes thin beard become the cause of inferior complex for them. All young men want to grow a full, thick-looking beard. Except, for some men, this is not feasible; as an alternative of layering the complete lower face, their beard emerges patchy with bare, hairless spots. Though it’s usually supposed that shaving increases hair’s thickness, and the speed at which it grows, but this is not true. Even if you have genetically hair fall then there are several ways styling tricks that you can use to create the appearance of a fuller beard. Unluckily, it is not probable to compel facial hair to grow in bare areas because beard thickness is firm by genetics. On the other hand, there are several brushing up methods that a man can use to cover up bare patches and give the look of a thicker beard.

Let your facial hair grow for months together. Allow them to grow as long as they can, because that will help you to use hair products and color for better appearance of a fuller beard.

You can apply some hair gel or beard gel on your face. This will help you to mold some hair so that the patchy spots are covered over by facial hairs near them.

Always use a beard comb to shift the facial hair to where you want it to go. Comb longer, thicker portions of your beard hair to swathe less intense parts.

Apply hair thickening products on your facial hair. No doubt shampoos are made for head hair but they can also help to grow your beard hair thicker and longer. Use a shampoo designed for by foaming up your beard in the shower and scrubs it using your fingers. Wash your beard systematically with clean water. Never rub roughly with towel. Always use a micro-fiber towel and pat your beard dry. When your beard is little damp blow dry it. This will help to enlarge the amount of the hair, particularly in thin areas of the beard.

Also spray a small amount of root lifting hairspray into your beard to increase your beard volume. With the help of yours fingers comb your , pulling gently in an outward motion. With a beard comb or brush, comb the hair from thicker portions of the beard over to plaster thin or bare portions of your beard. This will give the cover the complete face with the beard hair.

Keep your beard dark by dying it with the men’s hair coloring product. Once you have full-grown out your beard, follow the instructions for the hair dye product. A darker beard more or less always comes out denser than a lighter-colored beard.

You can find us in our new and latest blog sites and get knowledge about hair transplant in our posts which explain you how to make your hair grow faster, hair loss in women, Androgenetic Alopecia, Causes of Hair loss, Trichotillomania, Hair loss treatment for men, Hair thinning

You can find us in our new and latest blog sites and get knowledge about hair transplant in our posts which explain you how to make your hair grow faster, hair loss in women,

Hairstyling Videos For More Beautiful Hair – Hair

Sylvania, OH (PRWEB) December 13, 2005

Hairstyling videos complement standard cosmetology instruction as Avedis Salon today announced the successful completion of the initial installment of beautiful hair instructional video training for the professional hairstylist.

While basic cosmetology training is important and necessary, the competition is fierce in today's market, and the alert hairstylist must continually strive to stay on the cutting edge of the newest and latest technology, while still incorporating the old world techniques.

“A lot of times you go to hair shows and you come away with looks that are more fantasy. They're not usable, they're not workable in the everyday . . (Servicing) professional people in every day salon work — you want something trendy for them. Something that's going to make them look great. You want wearable haircuts” says Marc Baronian, long-time salon owner styling the likes of professional models and TV personalities from Boston to Chicago and cities in between.

The correct but elusive combination of artistry and technique must be mastered in order to be successful both financially and professionally so with Marc's step-by step hair styling videos, the viewer has the opportunity to learn how to excel at his or her trade and be a hairstylist in demand.

The videos educate both novice and long time hair care professional simply needing some refinements in technique, through use of actual in-salon classic cuts and trendy cuts adding symmetrical angles for a touch of elegance and formality or everyday wearability.

With so many new hairstyles and trends popular, the hair stylist must know what's best for their client by really looking at him or her, moving the hair around and then discovering what would best suit their facial features.

Through narration, diagrams and more, this instruction promises supplemental training to help the salon professional step it up a notch from a being a good hairstylist to becoming a great and successful hairstylist.

To learn how these hair styling videos can help you create beautiful hair visit our web site at

The Best Hairstyle Ideas For Girls – Residence Movies

When it comes to fashion and beauty today, there are actually numerous various points that we’re expected to keep track of. New trends in clothes, the most well known nail colors, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, and several other aspects of beauty and style can be overwhelming when we choose to appear our finest. But one of the finest methods that we are able to be sure we’re seeking our absolute best, and one of the easiest, are

It appears like a good deal in the time we see a terrific hairstyle on the celebrity or maybe even just on individuals we all know, but it’s complicated to figure out tips on how to recreate the exact same hairstyle on your own head. A lot of folks use on the web movies for a ton of causes: to share residence movies with friends and family, to listen to songs, but another great use is often finding out ways to do elements on your own, like hairstyles. Hair styles videos will endure comprehensive so you can understand accurately ways to get the hair you have usually needed. Even essentially the most difficult knots, buns, and braids are made very simple any time you take some time to watch these hair styles videos. In some cases it’d require a few moments likely through the movies to produce confident you’ve got it down proper, and what’s more, it requires some apply, but in no time you will be as good because professionals.

Though hairstyles won’t look like that crucial of an addition in your attractiveness routine, or at the least not as vital for the reason that other components, possessing fantastic hairstyles can be a lot more important compared to outfits you’re donning or the makeup you end up picking. The wonder of different means of performing your hair is that it is the very first issue you notice on the person, and it might make the real difference involving flattering their encounter or being a distraction. It can also be exciting and easy to alter your entire look amongst informal and fun to formal and stylish. Just how you do your hair may make a big variance for your way you appearance as well as way other folks see you.

There is normally a lot more to learn about hair, which makes it enjoyment way too. It’s anything it is possible to learn about to implement on by yourself and to educate to other individuals. There are actually countless distinct options for how one can type your hair and it could be fun to attempt new elements, nearly like a interest. Quite a few men and women get pleasure from styling their hair and striving out new creative strategies. Not only are there countless diverse hair methods to understand, however , you can also invent your own personal means of carrying out your hair! It’s an awesome strategy to specific your creativity and your individuality. Be yourself, be who you actually are, by striving out new hairstyles that demonstrate individuals who you might be.

So really don’t be concerned if you are not the very best at undertaking hair, any one can become wonderful with practice and switch their purely natural hair into distinctive beautiful styles you will enjoy. There are lots of solutions to choose from, verify them out in movies or on weblogs, or anywhere you find inspiration therefore you can do great beautiful elements using your hair!

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African American Celebrities Using Hair Extensions – Individual Strands

Hollywood stars have always been known for the latest fashion trends. We tend to the hair, nails and makeup in the same manner and with the same products and methods that are fun to see your favorites. Why? The answer is simple: people forward with the best stylists at their service. By copying or succeeding celebrity hairstyles that are trying to follow fashion.

Fashion design today presents Sedu hairstyles, and many celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson are the brightest stars of Sedu hairstyles.

These people are known for their long hair, silky and smooth flow freely around the neck, the beautiful and elegant, which are so obviously it is based. But with every photo shoot, and constantly changing their hairstyles is that they have long hair, of course, possible?

This response is quite difficult because you are not one hundred percent sure you can tell the truth. Jennifer Aniston is definitely against extensions because during the filming of Friends constant use of extensions has almost killed her beautiful hair. Therefore, locks are a line of fabulous natural length.

Jessica Simpson is famous for her beautiful hair, but her stylist Ken Paves uses extensions to the popular hairstyle of Jessica Simpson Sedu maintain.

So what lies behind the beautiful hair of Hollywood celebrities?

Extensions is the strands of hair so that it can be easily connected to your natural hair, so that the length and thickness of hair.

There are two main types:

– Wefts.

– Individual strands

These two types of are different, they bind to the hair and the hair quality.

Individual filaments are applied in small sections of fabric, hot melt adhesives, clips or metal bars. These methods of hair extension comprising the application of chemicals to your own hair or more substances or foreign objects. Of course, like all methods, but it also has its advantages and disadvantages.

The key benefits of such techniques are:

– Lengthy hair;

– Facility to compose any hairstyle;

– Ability to use hair of any texture, color, or quality.

– On there hand, the biggest shortcomings of individual strands are:

– Application of metal substances, foreign chemical or objects to hair;

– Hair harm during the elimination of the extensions;

– Incapability to use specific haircare items in order not to damage extensions or your own hair.

In general, the method of line extensions is not popular among celebrities because of the risk of damaging the hair. If you have a hundred percent all the time to look good, can not afford to risk one of their signs of the most important beauty.

On the other hand, in the plots represent the curtain of hair attached at the top and free flowing at the bottom. The frames are of two types:

– Machine made.

– Hand made.

The plots are much more expensive, but almost completely eliminate the risk of damaging your hair. The two sets of machine-made and hand are made of natural hair.

To apply the model of your hairstylist braids a horizontal track (very small plait), credited to the property. These types of application, you can leave your hair damaged by chemicals and extension of same for several years. All you have to do is come to the salon once in 6-8 weeks and the new extension.

Among celebrities wefts of hair first and most popular because it can be dyed in all colors and there is a risk that such extensions are thin or fall. This is the best way to control your hair and add Sedu hair grow healthy.

Therefore, if you want to have long and beautiful Sedu hairstyle, but unfortunately your hair is short and grows slowly, the process for the production of Hollywood hair miracles and get a hair extension.

From Hair Extension Expert to “the Salon Marketing Queen,” Tarsha Beavers Teaches Hairstylists and Salon Owners the Beauty of Creating a Thriving Business | Business Wire – Doll Face

ANNAPOLIS, Md.–()–A lot of hot young entrepreneurs in the beauty business have built their

budding fortunes by selling perfume, make-up and bath and body products

that make people look and smell their best.


<p style="text-align: center">

With her expertise in hair extensions, lace wigs, braiding and weaves,

Tarsha Beavers could be making a mint in goods and services working hair

miracles. Instead, the Annapolis, Maryland based visionary is thinking

even bigger, helping stylists and salon owners across the country

achieve fast and phenomenal growth via her recently launched company

Doll Face Marketing. “The Salon Marketing Queen” was so committed to her

desire to coach, consult and assist talented people in her chosen field

that she gave up her own upstart salon, Weave Treasures in Bethesda,

after just six months to devote herself full time to a new business plan.

Doll Face Marketing specializes in helping those who are serious about

success improve the quality of their business and life, helping turn

powerful ideas into dollars. Beavers, who attends numerous trade shows

and events to keep up on the latest trends and key “behind the scenes”

information in the beauty world, teaches her clients how to build a

customer following with loyalty they never dreamed possible.

Beavers is a powerful gateway for anyone in the industry who wants to

blow the lid off their earning potential by knowing the most powerful

information and mastering the most profitable skills that entrepreneurs

and business owners should know.

Having enjoyed success with her first e-book “The Weave Manual”—a how-to

manual in which she shares her expertise in hair extensions, lace wigs,

braiding, pony tails and sew and weave—Beavers in 2010 wrote and

published her groundbreaking work “The 6Figure Stylist,” whose subtitle

captures the essence of its extraordinary content: “Secrets to Exploding

Your Beauty Industry Business and Creating Success by Design.”

She is currently rolling out another huge corollary product to enhance

the reach and visibility of Doll Face Marketing. The Salon Marketing for

Maximum Profit and Wealth System is a tool kit/marketing system geared

towards salon owners and individual stylists featuring 10 CDs and an

accompanying manual—which break down ten major components of successful

marketing in the .



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Scientists believe stem cells found in hair follicles of mice may provide key to curing baldness in humans. – Problems George

Scientists who found stem cells in the hair follicles of mice

believe they may now be able to pinpoint the same cells in humans,

providing future treatments for baldness and other problems.

George Cotsarelis, MD and colleagues of the University of

Pennsylvania Medical Center found that hair follicles of mice contain

true adult stem cells, which have the potential to grow new hair as well

as various other types of tissue. When they transplanted these cells

into mice, hair sprouted where none had been before.

Writing in the April issue of Nature Biotechnology,

Cotsarelis’ group explained that certain genes were activated in

the stem cells that were not activated in other mouse hair follicles or

skin cells. Drugs that affect these genes in people might lead to new

ways of controlling hair growth, they suggested. And tracking the genes

would allow pinpointing of these same stem cells in people.

“By defining these molecular markers, we will be able to

isolate human stem cells from hair follicles,” said Cotsarelis, who

is a dermatologist and molecular biologist.

Several years ago, he and his team showed that human hair follicles

contained stem cells, but they were unable to identify and isolate them.

The immediate hope is for a cure for baldness, but Cotsarelis said

the findings could lead to better treatment for burns and wounds and may

offer insight into the aging process and the development of cancer.

“One problem with a burn is that the [healed] wound is never

[recovered] with hair follicles,” Cotsarelis said. “These

[stem] cells have that capability, so if we can isolate them and seed

them onto a wound, we can constitute skin that is more normal than

currently possible.” And since stem cells grow and proliferate more

rapidly than mature cells, it may be possible to use them to grow a

better skin graft faster.

The researchers also learned more about what causes hair loss, with

evidence suggesting that the hair follicle is an immune-privileged site,

meaning that immune system cells cannot penetrate the follicle. They

believe that a breakdown in this protection might lead to an immune

system attack that could underlie some forms of baldness and alopecia.