An Exercise in Style: UnitedHealthcare, U.S. Surgeon General and the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show Launch Fashion-Friendly Fitness Initiative for African American Women | Business Wire – Brothers International


The initiative will kick-off with “Hair Fitness,” a contest of

exercise-friendly hair styles, and remarks by Regina M. Benjamin,

Surgeon General of the United States, at the Bronner Brothers

International Hair Show on Monday, August 9, 2010, 2:00pm – 4:00pm at

the Georgia World Congress Center.

This initiative is inspired by the alarming rates of obesity in the

African American population. According to the 2009 edition of America’s

Health Rankings, the prevalence of obesity among African Americans

exceeds 30% in 35 states, which dramatically outpaces the corresponding

obesity rates for Caucasians. In addition, studies show that many

African American women avoid certain kinds of fitness activities in

order to maintain a particular hairstyle, particularly given the time

and cost involved.

“We want to help African American women with innovative, easy ways they

can keep their great style and keep fit,” said Reed Tuckson, M.D.,

executive vice president and chief of medical affairs at UnitedHealth

Group. “We applaud the Bronner Brothers, who are an institution within

the African American community, and the 60,000 stylists that attend

their annual hair show for becoming key partners in the fight for the

health of this community.”

“As the Surgeon General of the United States, my number one goal is to

improve the health of the nation and I’m proud to join with First Lady

Michelle Obama to attack this problem head-on,” said Regina M. Benjamin,

MD, MBA and the 18th Surgeon General of the United States. “I

know first hand the important role salons play in our African American

culture. I look forward to being an honorary judge of the Hair Fitness

competition and to sharing the lessons we learn from this throughout the


“As a fitness instructor, ESPN commentator and [/embed] appointee, I am well aware of

the importance of physical activity to overall health and the fight

against obesity,” said Donna Richardson Joyner. “I look forward to

participating in this unique event and plan to share the results with

colleagues and women around the country.”

The Bronner Brothers International Hair Show “Hair Fitness” competition

will include three categories: low impact workout, which involves little

to no sweat and hair maintenance would require only one

shampoo/condition per week; moderate impact workout, which involves

modest sweat and hair maintenance would require 1-2 shampoo/conditions

per week; and high impact, which involves profuse sweating and would

require 2-3 shampoo/conditions per week. The stylists will be judged on

the technical execution of the styles, originality, suitability and head

contour, and new ideas. The hair show will allow the audience to get

ideas for clients who are looking to become more active and health

conscious, while maintaining their hair regimen at the same time.

The National Black Women’s Health and Beauty Conference and “Hair

Fitness” competition at the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show is

part of an on-going UnitedHealthcare campaign for health and fitness

among the African American community. UnitedHealthcare has accumulated

“Hair Fitness” styling tips from celebrity stylists around the country

that will continue to educate African American about the importance of

exercising while still being able to maintain their hair.

About UnitedHealthcare

provides a full spectrum of consumer-oriented health benefit plans and

services to individuals, public sector employers and businesses of all

sizes, including more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. The

company organizes access to quality, affordable health care services on

behalf of approximately 25 million individual consumers, contracting

directly with more than 600,000 physicians and care professionals and

5,000 hospitals to offer them broad, convenient access to services

nationwide. UnitedHealthcare is one of the businesses of (NYSE: UNH), a diversified Fortune 50 health and

well-being company.

Styling Up With Short Hair – Light Blonde

Short hairstyles are now the talk of the town. Old and misconception that cut cannot look sexy and feminine is changing slowly. The trendsetters of the society i.e. fashionable figures from Hollywood, our very own Bollywood all page three party creatures are now prefers to flaunt short trendy hair cut. They like to experiment with their short tresses, as it is handy and problem free. You can apply any style and color with fewer problems comparing long hair.

From Hollywood, the main land of fashion and style, many figure, like Katee Holms, Hally Barry, Meg Rayan, Sophia Loria, Kaira Nightley all are having the same trend of short hairstyles. Singer Rehana, page three celebrities Victoria Beckham and many others prefer short hair. Here we will discuss the details of Victoria Beckham, very stylish and ex pop singer and the famous football player David Beckham

2009 Prom Hairstyles – Paris Hilton

Too many times females get way too involved with finding the ideal dress and shoes to go along with it as well as the finest escort. Small things can matter a lot. A horrible hairstyle will rob your costly, stylish dress of its value. Why should you take a long time putting on make up or pay money for an expensive necklace, if people can’t take their eyes off your tangled up, unkempt frizzy hair? No matter what kind of hair you have, there is a prom hairstyle that is just right for you. To ensure the best look on your important day you should meet with your salon’s professional stylist beforehand.

Referring to past styles is a great way to find the perfect hairstyle. Bobs first became popular in the 1920s, giving women an easy to take care of style, and a trend setting appearance, that is still here today. Or you take it to the edge. Consider looking to the starlets of the 1930′s for a glamorous prom hairstyle this year. The objective is to accent a long dress by elongating your body with hair styled close to the head, like with stylized waves. To achieve this look, hair must be between chin and shoulder length with a part on the side. Long hairstyles can copy this look by braiding the hair diagonally from the side part, with the back of the hair wrapped into a braided chignon that touches the nape of the neck. In order to make waves, you have dampen your hair, put on a hair product that contains jojoba for protection against the heat, forming the waves with a diffuser of a FHI heat blow dryer and a miniature curling iron.

Or maybe you are leaning toward one of the short and sexy hairstyles. You can try playful, stylish twists, decorated with hair pins and clips or daring spikes. If you have longer hair to work with, you could try twirling the hair hair into small buns and then spiking the ends. A natural curl pattern can be tried if you wash and condition your hair with Matrik Sleek, use a hair dryer with a diffuser, take your fingers and rub a sculpting gel into your hair to texturize it and make it fuller. Complete your final look using Redken Quick Dry Instant Finish Spray. You might desire to pick out a few pieces of hair to cascade around your face, or brush your bangs back or use your favorite gel to hold down your bangs. If you have short hair, you can fix it in a 1960s London pageboy style, which is the current runway style, or you can bleach your hair and mix dark spikes of hair like Kelly Osbourne does. A very short cut like Twiggy’s hairstyle is reported to be in style for the prom, with entertainers such as Alyssa Milano following the fad, and the bob cut that Victoria Beckham wears is still very popular. Even “fashion mullets” are still popping up, with shaggy, asymmetrical chops. This year, the shorter styles are popular, with natural highlights, blond shades of hair dye, and copper and rich chocolate shades as well! If you detest your short hair, you might contemplate wearing hair extensions made using human hair from brands such as Unique VIP. Wow, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson actually adore their !<br>

Lengthy prom hairstyles are some of the most versatile, yet can make choosing rather difficult. Soft hairstyles with waves and curled updos are in right now. Some of the most coveted, celebrity hairstyles are worn by: Nicole Kidman, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Eva Langoria, Miley Cyrus, and Angelina Jolie. Soft curls with a few layers will look good in an updo, or down. You can look like a rock star with a pompadour, if you tease your hair to stand up with a fine tooth comb and spray it. Also you could try the chignon or braids. You can copy Emina Cunmulaj, Gwenyth Paltrow, Resse Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Debra Messing, and Christina Aguilera by goig sleek and straight. Some prom-goers that want a new look may want to add layers, highlights, or cut off an inch or two. <br>

There is something to think about when it comes to styling your hair for the prom: Most of all, don't wait until it is too late! Beauty shop schedules get booked quickly when it comes time to go to the prom and you don't want to have problems on prom day such as trying to fix your own hair with sprays, blow dryers and curlers, only to end up having a bad hair day. No one can come to your rescue if you are not prepared, so call your stylist early and discuss a few options. Research on your own. In addition to reading articles that help you determine which hairstyles will work best with your face shape, you can also take advantage of websites that let you try out virtual hairstyles or you can also have a look at red carpet fashion. Whether it's a new color, styling, extensions, or something else, have examples from magazines ready and know what you want beforehand.


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Tips and Hairstyles For Men’s Long Hair – Flow Free

To sport hair is a man’s personal decision. Men choose to wear their hair long for religious, personal, and style reasons. It’s a little complicated for men to maintain long hair because of limited care options. However, with a little effort, innovation and knowledge you can easily find a great hairstyle to go with your long hair.

First and foremost is the quality of hair. Always remember that with long hair you will get more breakage and split ends. It’s advisable to properly condition your hair and get regular trimmings to let your hair look best. However, avoid putting too much chemical in your scalp as it can lead to dandruff and hair fall.

Talking of hairstyle, perhaps the most stylish and easiest hairstyle for men is to let it flow free! You can also use some gel or moisturizer to avoid your hair being frizzy. However, too much moisture tends to make your hair look greasy. For men, smooth and simply combed hair also gives an easy and stylish look.

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Fitch Assigns ‘AAA’ Rating to Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle | Business Wire – Loan Bank

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fitch Ratings has assigned long-term and short-term Issuer Default

Ratings (IDR) to Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle (FHLBSEA) of ‘AAA’

and ‘F1+’, respectively. The ratings reflect Fitch’s assumption of U.S.

Government support for the Federal Home Loan Banks System, as well as

FHLBSEA. The Rating Outlook is Stable. In addition, Fitch has assigned

an Individual Rating of ‘C/D’ to FHLBSEA.

Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle
–Long-term IDR at ‘AAA’;

IDR at ‘F1+’;
–Support at ’1′;
–Support floor at ‘AAA’;

at ‘C/D’.

The Federal Home Loan Banks System (FHLBank System or System) was

created by Congress in 1932 and falls under the authority of the FHLBank

Act. The Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) is comprised of 12

district banks, each serving a designated geographic area of the United

States. The system’s mission is to provide a reliable source of

liquidity to financial institutions which, in turn, is used to originate

mortgage loans. Through the Office of Finance, the system issues

consolidated obligations to investors globally. The consolidated

obligations are jointly and severally liable between the 12 district

banks. Total assets of the combined system were $878 billion at Dec. 31,


With approximately $47 billion of assets at Dec. 31, 2010, FHLBSEA is

one of the 12 banks making up the FHLBank System. FHLBSEA is

cooperatively owned by its members who provide capital to and obtain

advances from FHLBSEA based on the capital and collateral they provide.

Collateral is typically comprised of loans and, to a lesser extent,

investment securities. For members, advances serve as a key alternative

funding source, a tool for market risk management, and a source of

contingent liquidity. In order to ensure adequate security as collateral

for its advances, FHLBSEA determines advance levels on collateral after

applying certain haircuts. The collateral haircuts are dependant on

several factors, including the type of loan or security, the quality of

underwriting and credit administration, as well as the member’s

financial condition. Despite stress among its membership base, as there

were 19 member failures in 2010, FHLBSEA has never incurred a loss on an

advance due to its collateral haircuts.

Fitch believes that implicit sovereign support for the system would be

forthcoming due to the important mission of the system as it pertains to

homeownership, serving as a source of liquidity to its members and the

wide global distribution of FHLBanks debt. As evidenced in the

significant increase in consolidated obligations and advances during

2007 and 2008, the FHLBank System provided much needed liquidity to its

banking members, made possible by its access to the capital markets by

virtue of its GSE status. FHLBSEA’s Support and Support Floor ratings

reflect Fitch’s view that sovereign support would extend to FHLBSEA and

its consolidated obligations. Consequently, FHLBSEA’s long-term IDR is

reflective of implicit sovereign support.

The Individual Rating communicates Fitch’s view of the stand-alone risk

that FHLBSEA poses to the system and does not consider the benefit

FHLBSEA may receive directly through sovereign support. The Individual

Rating of FHLBSEA reflects that its financial performance has lagged its

FHLB peers and the organization is currently operating under a Consent

Arrangement with the Federal Housing Finance Agency. The Consent

Arrangement, among other things, requires the company to strengthen its

capital position and enhance its risk management. That being said, the

new senior management team has made strides toward meeting the

requirements of the Consent Arrangement and FHLBSEA’s performance has

improved markedly over the past year, with the company reporting a

modest profit of $20.5 million for 2010 versus a loss of $161.6 million

for 2009. Nonetheless, investments in private label MBS (totaling $2.7

billion or 5.7% of total assets as of Dec. 31, 2010); have placed

pressure on operating performance and capital. Other than temporary

impairment charges for 2010 and 2009 were $106 million and $311 million,

respectively, and FHLBSEA’s accumulated other comprehensive loss was

$667 million at Dec. 31, 2010. Finally, Fitch also recognizes that

FHLBSEA’s capital and membership base is concentrated, with one member

and one non-member, in aggregate, holding almost 50% of its outstanding

capital stock and its two largest borrowers comprising 46% of total


The Stable Outlook reflects Fitch’s view of support for FHLBSEA from the

FHLB System. Fitch will monitor future regulatory and legislative

actions for indications of a change to the likelihood of support for the

system. A significant deviation of implicit support or stature of the

FHLBanks System may result in re-evaluation of FHLBSEA’s ratings.

Additional information is available at

This rating action reflects the application of Fitch’s current criteria

which is available on Fitch’s web site at

Applicable Criteria and Related Research:

–’Global Financial Institutions Rating Criteria’ (Aug. 16, 2010);

Ratings Criteria for Corporate Finance’ (Nov. 2, 2010).

In addition to the source(s) of information identified in the Master

Criteria, this action was additionally informed by information provided

by the company.

Applicable Criteria and Related Research:
Global Financial

Institutions Rating Criteria

Ratings Criteria for Corporate Finance











How To Get Side Swept Bangs – Swept Bangs

When looking for a hairstyle that is applicable to all hair types, such as thick, thin, curly or straight, you may consider the style that the side swept bangs provide. Since it usually works in any hair length and is great on any shape of the face, you will not have difficulty styling your hair with this hairstyle.


If you took extra effort to have long hair, then you may find it depressing to even just think about the idea of trimming your hair. However, you can still maintain your long hair with side swept bangs since it is a safe and an effective solution to style your long hair.


Side Swept Bangs For Different Haircuts And Styles


There are different hairstyles involving side swept bangs that you may consider such as:


1.    Wearing deep red highlights to enhance the side sweep

2.    A long hair colored with glossy accents, gloss brown hair with waves

3.    Long layers in slick locks and forehead- falling bangs

4.    Thick brown hair with bouncy twirls and forehead bang, mocha brown locks or swirling locks in layers

5.    It is also perfect for a casual hairdo with a loose bun and side-swept bang

6.    For golden tresses that are slightly wavy with side-sweep

7.    A long blonde hair with swirls and loose curls and a side bang

8.    Tresses at the back and letting one forehead-falling soft fringe

9.    Long brown curl with a side-sweep on the forehead, or bouncy waves and side bang when there is much volume in the hair, or a simple wavy hair

10.  Go for heavy front bangs when you have long brown hair, or short jagged layers with lock that are mid-length

11.  Side-swept layers with swirling rings at the ends.


Tips To Pay Attention To


Here are a few tips if you are thinking of getting or you have side swept bangs:


  • Since bangs need regular trims, which you need to take into account. You may ask your stylist if you can avail free trimming or you may learn to trim your hair yourself.


  • Though bangs look best on naturally straight hair, you can still pull it off if you have wavy hair. Curly hair with bangs is possible, but it may not work well.


  • Before drying the rest of your hair, you have to dry your bangs first. Since bangs dry faster, you want to catch them before they dry all wonky.


  • When choosing irons, you have to choose a good flat-iron.


  • If you do not want to look ‘boxy’, then you have to avoid having thin and wispy all-one-length bang.


When choosing a new hairstyle, you need to take into account the shape of your face so that it will suit you; also take into account your lifestyle, if you are busy and don’t have time to style your hair then you want to choose a style that is easy to manage, you may also want to think about the length of the cut too, will there be times when you wish to tie it back, so you might want to keep it longer to do so, the best advice is to speak to your stylist about the differing options.

Easy Steps To Get Side Swept Bangs – Fine Tooth

If you want to get a new hairstyle involving bangs, then you may want to consider getting side swept bangs, this is a style that works for many women, no matter the shape of their face; it is a style that has a sexy and glamorous appeal. As a matter of fact, celebrities who have bangs look sexy and glamorous with side swirls, freefalling curls or long straight bangs. You can go to the salon and let the stylist do the work, but you can do it yourself if you want to experience designing your hair on your own.


There are steps to follow when getting side swept bangs. It is beneficial if you become somewhat familiar with the steps before you start cutting and styling.


Side Swept Bangs: Cutting


When cutting your hair to get side swept bangs:


1.    You should section off the part that you want to cut. You may use a smaller section if you have thick hair.

2.    Tie the rest of your hair to keep it out of the way.

3.    Prepare a cup with warm water and dip your brush into it. Brush your to-be bangs to keep it hanging over your face. The purpose of the wet brush is to dampen your bangs for an even cut.

4.    Begin at the center of the bangs by grabbing the hair that falls in between the outer ends of your eyes and holding it by placing your middle and index finger at the preferred length of the bangs.

5.    Then, begin cutting your hair. Use your fingers so you can level out the length of the cut, so it is not too short; if you wanting to keep a straight edge to your hair, then you should hold and keep the scissors in a vertical position. A good tip is to cut your hair longer than you may have wanted so that you can then cut more off if desired, if you cut it too short, you may not be happy with the results.

6.    Then, take a thin section from the right portion of the hair you just cut, make certain that it is longer than the middle portion. Then, repeat the process for the same length of hair on the left side.

7.    When combing your bangs, you may use a fine-tooth comb.

8.    To frame your face, you have to feather the right portions of your hair; these are parts that start right above the ears. You will need to use scissors which are very sharp and run the blade in up and down strokes at the beginning of the last section you cut while travelling down the strands.

9.    Then, push to the side and allow it to dry.


Side Swept Bangs: Styling


For styling side swept bangs:


1.    Vertically hold your bangs above your head.

2.    Put a volumizing mousse to the roots of the bangs.

3.    Using a large radial brush, brush the moose out. Keep in mind that your bangs will dry if you do not brush it right away.

4.    Then, wrap your bangs around the brush, and brush your bangs to the side.

5.    You may use a volumizing hairspray if preferred.

6.    To get rid of fly away, you have to lightly comb your bangs. Use the fine-tooth comb.


You will appreciate the style of side swept bangs when you cut and design it on your own. The easy steps listed above will guide you all the way.

Side Swept Bangs: The Switzerland of All Hair Types – Hair Type

Blonde, brown, black or red; long tresses, short tresses; Hair. For many years, centuries even, those silky threads on a woman’s head has been known to be her crowning glory, one that she should be proud of and a factor that lends to her comfort and confidence.

As vain as it sounds, practically every woman from almost every part of the world has a vanity for their hair, as every woman of almost every country seems to have their own unique and signature hairstyle.

Women clamour to super markets and drug stores to buy the most effective hair care product, clamour to buy their most effective shampoo and hell to those who try to get in their way. Imagine what would happen to the poor soul who would try to stop them going to their favourite salon for their hair treatment.

Nevertheless, be it from centuries ago to the modern days of concrete jungles, women have always cared for their hair in a way that is almost an obsession. Not that doing so hasn’t paid off—it is their crowning glory that helps a woman stand tall and feel good about herself, and look good while doing it too.

But despite the many and numerous hairstyles they can choose from out there, one style that has almost every woman agreeing on is the ever infamous side swept bangs. This hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles women of every age sport.

This is probably because of the fact that the side swept bangs hairstyle is not only able to flatter women with every possible type of hair—from the bouncy curly haired ones to the silky straight haired ones out there—but it has its very own subtle statement as well that convey a message that the woman with side swept bangs is both sexy and confident.

And, yes, for women, even their hair can make a statement. A flip here can mean one thing—like a flirting gesture—and another haughty flip there can mean a brush off of the first degree (women are very complicated creatures you see).

In any case, side swept bangs has become a trend for women all over the world, as this is not only a convenient hair style to wear, but you can wear it to practically anywhere and still look fabulous—from a casual day to shop, to a flirty encounter, to a fancy party.

It is also a style that is remarkably universal—as in every woman of any nationality, of any hair type can wear it, as opposed to those hairstyles out there that are more specific to the hair type of the intended wearer. It is also universal in a sense that every woman or girl can wear it with short or long hair. It is practically the Switzerland of all hair types—as in it doesn’t lean towards any specific hair variety.

The side swept bangs hairstyle is also pretty easy to acquire. Most girls even cut their own bangs at home, for those nimble with the scissors. For those who aren’t as comfortable handling their own hair cutting as others, it may be best to go to your local salon and let the professionals do their magic.

A Complete Overview Of Taper Fade Haircut – Taper

Presence and how someone looks and feels with others is something that increasingly grows more important by the minute. In fact, this is often more prevalent in regard to hairstyles and how people groom and cut their hair in order to make any sort of fashion statement or other type of statement in regard to how they look. As grooming and appearance of hair are becoming much more important to many, there truly is a great deal of importance placed upon how men style and groom their hair and what it means to be presentable at all times with a taper fade haircut.

Quite often, men simply wish to make things simple and keep things short and sweet in regard to the hair style they select. Over the past couple years, we have even seen an increase in more of a sloppy look that is easy to simply throw together. Of course, for those that wish to maintain an effectively clean and well groomed appeal while still being easy, the taper cut is probably the answer they are searching for.

The taper cut is actually very easy to perform and maintain while being a style preference. Basically, this type of cut serves as a layering system which is longer at the very top and shorter as the cut moves downward on the head. Thus, there are truly quite a few very easy benefits to this overall system of style and cutting.

There is an incredible versatility experienced with taper fade haircuts. Basically, this is more often considered as a more formal cut as opposed to one that is frumpy and ill kempt. Business professionals as well as younger teenagers are seen with this cut which makes it incredibly dynamic and cross generational.

Fortunately, having this haircut performed is quite inexpensive as compared to many other styles. There is much more involved with the taper style as the layers must all be varied in length and meet at points. Thus, keeping this style maintained as well as getting one is toward the medium end of any price scale.

Having this haircut is also possible to be performed at home. The steps and instructions involved in this style of hair are usually sold on DVD sets or even online for many with internet access. Unfortunately, this style is not easily performed on oneself due to the more complex layering system.

For those that like shorter hair in all regard, the taper cut fortunately varies in length and offers a complete set of length choices. Truly, all that matters is that the hair is layered regardless of length. This also makes it a perfect seasonal cut as well.